• Pace Leader provides collaboration for leadership groups

    Join us today and start your own mastermind group, leadership group team site, or socialize with other leaders.  We provide collaboration tools for people and teams who are interesting in achieving their goals now!  Find a group to join or ask the admin to help you start you own.  We want to help you achieve your greatness.

  • The Myth that it’s Better to have than Earn

    What’s better?  To have a million dollars or to earn a million dollars?  Most people including my sons would probably say the former.  They are probably convinced that it’s all about having and not about earning.  Who can blame them. The world seems to revolve around the rich or at least the ones that appear to be rich.  Who wouldn’t want all the appearances of being rich?  The cars, the trips, the fancy phone […]

  • What’s all the buzz about?

    People are going wild over this new company Jim Britt and Jim Lutes are launching in the personal development field.

    You may not know Jim & Jim but I do. They are two of the top personal development and entrepreneurial trainers today…and they are offering one of the HOTTEST money making opportunities I’ve seen within their industry.

    What’s all the buzz? For a limited time you can get priority […]

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